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Michelle Reiss Voice Overs: Ready to Get Into Character


Commercial DemoMichelle Reiss
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Phone Hold / Telephony DemoMichelle Reiss
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Hi! I’m Michelle Reiss (pronounced like the peanut butter cup), and I’m a voice actor. It’s my job to sound good so that you look good (y’know, for hiring me). I’m based in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is simultaneously a very cool and very hot place to live. 


When I’m not hitting the mean streets of Vegas with my corgi (y’know, going on walks) or mixing it up at The Voice Actors Studio (quietly sitting in the back of the room during workshops and operating the mixer), I’m in my home studio laying down tracks like a pro (recording voice overs in a confined space with padded walls).

My soul feels old, but my voice sounds young. I’ve been told my sound is “contemporary,” which is nice, because there’s no time like the present, and the present is a gift. I’m also a writer and a musician, so I know how to break down a script and how to make it sing. ♪


Growing up, my dad always called my mom a cartoon (lovingly), so one day as an adult when someone called me “animated,” I knew I had finally become my mother. That being said, I’m always ready to get into character, no matter what genre of voice over I’m doing. After hearing the same voices over and over in my favorite video games and eventually putting names to those voices, I finally had the life-changing thought: “Wow, being a voice actor would be really cool!” And after a whole lot of daydreaming, serendipity, and hard work, here I am.

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Michelle Reiss


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